As a creative individual, I felt the need to have a space where I could share my experiences, insights, and musings with the world. Thus, I decided to create my personal blog for several reasons, which I will describe in this post.

Reasons to Create a Personal Blog

1. Documenting Life

One of the main driving forces behind starting a personal blog is to capture the essence of my day-to-day life. Now more than ever, we live in a fast-paced world where moments pass by quickly. By taking the time to reflect on and write about my experiences, I can capture those fleeting moments and share them with others who might find inspiration, joy, or a sense of connection in my stories.

2. Logging Technical Endeavors

Having a background in technology, it became increasingly important for me to document the challenges and successes I encounter in my day-to-day work. My blog gives me a platform to share my knowledge with others who might be facing similar technical issues, and perhaps offer insights and solutions that can prove helpful. Furthermore, sharing my technical expertise helps establish my presence in the tech community and foster valuable connections.

3. Building a Personal Knowledge Base

Another important aspect of creating a personal blog is to build and maintain a repository of knowledge. Whether it’s through tutorials, case studies, or simply my own thoughts on a subject, my blog serves as a central hub where I can easily access and reference this information. This proves helpful not only for my personal growth, but also offers a valuable resource for others who may come across my blog in search of information.

Blog Architecture

My blog is built upon the foundations of PaperMod and Hugo. I took the original framework and performed additional development to create a unique profile page and overall theme. I named this new theme Papyrus, and am thrilled with the result.

I host my blog on Cloudflare Pages, which provides a seamless and easy-to-manage platform for my content. The static files are stored in R2 Cloud Storage for greater reliability and availability. To ensure a smooth and automated workflow, I utilized GitHub Actions for end-to-end automation throughout my blog’s development and deployment process.

In conclusion, my decision to create a personal blog has allowed me to document my personal and professional journey, as well as establish a valuable knowledge base. The custom architecture of my blog reflects not only my technical skills, but also my creativity, passion, and dedication to sharing my story with the world.